We tried continually to grow and create the idea of complex and increasing an array of options to our customers. In matters of taste, we wanted to learn the art of achieving the perfect ice cream, so from 2012 we produce a variety of types in our laboratory.

Who would not enjoy a cup of ice cream in the middle of summer ? Whether you serve it after a hearty meal or as a simple treat, it is always welcomed among both little ones and the big ones.


  1. vanilla
  2. chocholate
  3. penauts
  4. praline
  5. caramel
  6. amaretto
  7. tiramisu
  8. biscuits
  9. pistachio
  10. bubblegum
  11. watermelon
  12. lemon
  13. yogurt
  14. strawberries
  15. raspberry
  16. berries
  17. currant
  18. pineapple