In a beautiful setting, away from the city, you’ll find DAF Junior complex – a true oasis of green in the summer time or a  fairy tale emerged from winter – the place which is always a good choice for you.

We can take pride in a continuous activity, which has its debut back more than a decade.

For years we have been able to expand and bring more services and opportunities for our customers and so our team has become increasingly larger.

So now we are at your disposal: two restaurant rooms each with its own kitchen encompassing a total of 290 seats, which joins the warm season two terraces particularly arranged and gelateria to serve a total of 320 people, a main hall the events of up to 320 seats, a bar with café and games bowling, billiards, darts and society with the capacity of about 200 seats, soccer field modern locking system on metallic structure, gym, salon Salon 4 meeting soon and squash.

All these spaces are conducted on approximately 9,000 square meters, enriched by vast green spaces arrangements, waterfalls, fish pond, swans and ducks. We also offer our customers ample space for parking – about 300 seats.

To discover all the activities that our complex puts at your disposal every day we invite you to DAF Junior.

For information and reservations, please contact us at this number: 0755 886 886.